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NEW Water

NEW Water has announced a partnership with Match Padel Ballerup today.

NEW Water is an innovative new water brand that offers clean energy drinks without additives.

“We are excited to announce our new partnership with Match Padel in Ballerup, which has over 300,000 visitors per year and is one of the leading padel centers in Denmark,” said a spokesperson for NEW Water.

This partnership brings together two dynamic forces with the common goal of inspiring people to perform at their best and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Flemming Bøgh, center director at Match Padel Ballerup, said, “NEW Water’s goal of offering a natural energy boost and faster recovery complements perfectly Match Padel’s dedication to being a first mover and promoting solidarity through sports, an active lifestyle for all ages, and well-being for visitors to the center.”

NEW Water is pure water upgraded with quantum technology, which means the product is completely free of additives, coloring, sweeteners, and other unnatural fillers. The water increases your energy and performance and improves your recovery. This has been scientifically proven in an independent VO2Max test conducted by DTI. Engineer and inventor Jesper Bendsen is behind the invention of the technology for producing NEW Water. NEW Water is produced in Denmark.

“We’re very excited to partner with Match Padel. This partnership reflects our shared values of supporting an active lifestyle and overall well-being in body and mind,” said Kenny Reno, CSO at NEW Water.

As part of this partnership, visitors to Match Padel in Ballerup will be able to enjoy refreshing NEW Water during their training sessions and competitions from today. This joint initiative aims to improve the sports experience and promote optimal performance.

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