Sales director Jacob Mathiesen


We are delighted to welcome Jacob Mathiesen to NEW-Water. Jacob has a strong network within elite sports in Denmark and internationally. Over the past few years, Jacob has worked with products that improve physical performance and mental state in the world of sports.

Jacob says: “NEW water is a natural continuation of my personal journey, where I want to improve people’s lives by implementing effective measures in their daily lives.”

“I’m happy with the personal match with the team behind NEW-Water and look forward to spreading knowledge about what quantum technology can mean for increased performance. Sport has always been a central part of my life and my family’s life, and with NEW-Water, I combine my interest in health and increasing athletes’ performance in the best possible way.”

Welcome to Jacob from the NEW-Water team!

Performance is important for elite sportsmen – We know that at

It is scientifically proven that NEW-Water can increase performance by 3%-5% when you drink it.

In this video for NEW-Water, we take you to our good partner Herning Blue Fox who talks about their experiences of using the water regularly during training and matches!

Be inspired and get a unique insight into what makes our energy drink based on quantum technology and without additives something very special.

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Watch our brand new promotional video for NEW-Water that takes you to our great partner Match Padel Denmark-Ballerup and showcases our amazing products in action!

Get inspired and gain a unique insight into what makes our energy drink based on quantum technology truly special.

Click on the link to watch the video now and feel free to follow us for the latest news from NEW-Water.

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NEW Water

NEW Water has announced a partnership with Match Padel Ballerup today.

NEW Water is an innovative new water brand that offers clean energy drinks without additives.

“We are excited to announce our new partnership with Match Padel in Ballerup, which has over 300,000 visitors per year and is one of the leading padel centers in Denmark,” said a spokesperson for NEW Water.

This partnership brings together two dynamic forces with the common goal of inspiring people to perform at their best and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Flemming Bøgh, center director at Match Padel Ballerup, said, “NEW Water’s goal of offering a natural energy boost and faster recovery complements perfectly Match Padel’s dedication to being a first mover and promoting solidarity through sports, an active lifestyle for all ages, and well-being for visitors to the center.”

NEW Water is pure water upgraded with quantum technology, which means the product is completely free of additives, coloring, sweeteners, and other unnatural fillers. The water increases your energy and performance and improves your recovery. This has been scientifically proven in an independent VO2Max test conducted by DTI. Engineer and inventor Jesper Bendsen is behind the invention of the technology for producing NEW Water. NEW Water is produced in Denmark.

“We’re very excited to partner with Match Padel. This partnership reflects our shared values of supporting an active lifestyle and overall well-being in body and mind,” said Kenny Reno, CSO at NEW Water.

As part of this partnership, visitors to Match Padel in Ballerup will be able to enjoy refreshing NEW Water during their training sessions and competitions from today. This joint initiative aims to improve the sports experience and promote optimal performance.

For more information about Match Padel, visit

For more information about NEW Water and the full VO2Max report, visit

In 2023, we spent time testing our product and collecting feedback from our testers, including professional athletes and ordinary people. Now, we’re ready to launch our NEW Water. Recently, we received our first shipment, and we’ve added labels to them. NEW Water is treated with quantum technology, giving it properties that can increase your energy, significantly enhance performance, and improve your body’s ability to recover – all without any additives.

This is achieved by water flowing through eight-shaped tubes that generate energy vortices. Near the junction of the tubes, two mineral rods emit a subtle electromagnetic field that purifies the water of all other energy frequencies, allowing it to naturally resonate with the quantum field and continually conduct energy. The unique feature of NEW Water is that its energy level remains permanently high.

Our technology also purifies water using reverse osmosis, one of the best-known water purification technologies.

In the pictures, you can see some of the team behind NEW Water, and we’re excited to spread good energy in 2024.

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